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Chania Wine Tasting

History of Wine in Crete

Discover the marvelous indigenous wine varieties of Crete! This tour will take you through a flavorful historical labyrinth of Cretan wine and food by the company of our native expert guide!
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Vineyards in Crete have been cultivated for over 4000 years! The first wine press was found in the region of Vathipetro, about 20km south of Heraklion, and was dated from the Minoan times, which makes it 3500 years old! Wine production has however, followed the adventures of Crete throughout the ages constituting today a hidden treasure worth discovering.

Crete has more than 10 primary indigenous wine varietals, seven white and four red. The white wines of Crete are perfectly matched to the mainly fish, seafood, vegetable and wild greens based diet of the island. Vilana is the main white varietal while Mantilari is considered the king of the native red varieties. Other indigenous varietal include Kotsifali, Liatiko, Romeiko, Thrapsathiri, Malvazia di Candia, Vidiano, Plyto, Dafni and Moschato Spinas. Some of the local varieties have been blended with international ones, to produce unique characteristics and aromas.

For your Cretan wine tour we have chosen a charming and friendly wine bistrot situated in the area of Topanas, the most elegant part of the Chania Old Town, which was luckily untouched by the bombing in the Second World War and therefore retains all the charm of romantic Chania. The bistrot  is located behind the Naval Museum  and just a few minutes’walk  from Syntrivani Square, the centre of the old Venetian part of Chania.

Theodosia and Maria, your hosts have a long international experience in offering wine tastings and really enjoy to initiate wine lovers into the newly reborn wines of Crete. Their passion for wine and their native land as well as their sincere desire to share with you what they love, make them the perfect culinary companion for your Chania Wine Tour.

Your hosts will aim at accommodating your wine interests while helping you learn about the specific characteristics of the Cretan vineyard and experience the unique aromas and flavours of the wine that you will taste.

Four different wines of Crete will be tasted and your tasting will be accompanied by bread and Cretan rusks, natural spring water and an assortment of local cheeses, smoked local meats and other specialities depending on the wines to be tasted.


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39 € per adult
25 € per student
This tour is not suitable for children under 18 yrs old

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