An Aesthetic voyage from Ancient Greece to the Modern World through the concepts of Mathematics and Philosophy

Have you ever wondered how the mystery of mathematics and philosophy can unlock perspective, form and harmony in a work of art and in what way they can interrelate? Do you want to learn how the mathematical theories, philosophical ideals and art of classical Greece formed the basis for the Renaissance and most of the major developments of the modern world?

Well if you are in Athens and would like to spend a couple of hours creatively then we suggest you go to the Museum – Herakleidon, Experience in Visual Arts, hich is located in the area of Thisseio in central Athens where they offer a very pleasant and educational two hour tour of the museums collections and exhibits. The entire presentation is conducted in the form of a dialogue, with the active engagement of the participants. There is also a projection included of relative audiovisual material.

This fascinating program includes a presentation of the most important mathematical and philosophical issues of Ancient Greece and their influence on art, an introduction to the art of the Renaissance and its relation to the mathematics and philosophy of the time, an introduction to modern art and its relation to scientific discoveries and the corresponding philosophical schools of thought and a guided tour through the museums collections of M.C Escher and Victor Vasserly, whose works have a strong mathematical and philosophical interest.

The Herakleidon Museum first opened its doors to the art loving public in 2004. Located in the historical center of Athens, in Theseio and very close to the Acropolis, the exhibits of the museum were chosen on the basis of their importance in the evolution of Art.

The unique exhibitory concept of the Herakleidon Museum is to not only present an artists work but also to show how the artist has evolved through the various important periods in his or her career, to explain the various techniques used by the artist to express his or her vision, and to help the visitors connect to both the artist’s life and work. This is accomplished showing and explaining preparatory sketches, drawings, photographs and some personal items and audiovisual materials which provide detailed information on the artists’ life and work.

For more information you can visit the museum online here.

Herakleidon Experience in Visual Arts

Herakleidon 16, Thissio

118 51 Athens, Greece

(Metro station: Thissio)

T: +30 210 34 61 981

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