An Exceptional Film About The Production Of Greek Olive Oil

Watch this film, which is presenting in a sensitive and beautiful way the harvest process and Cretans’ passion for olive trees. It is about love, tradition and Greek customs.

Olive oil is the basic ingredient of the Mediterranean diet; it is high nutritional and very healthy. Ancient Greeks used olive oil, not only as food ingredient, but also for healing, cosmetics and fuel source. In Greek museums you can admire the beautiful oil lamps that Greeks used to lighten their houses or roads.

The olive tree has been considered sacred by the Greeks – ancient and modern- for thousands of years. It was the sacred tree of goddess Athena and Athens. At the dispute between goddess Athena and Poseidon over the ancient city of Athens, goddess Athena gave the olive tree as a gift to the Athenians, who loved and cherished it. On the other hand, god Poseidon hit with his trident the ground and salty water spring gashed out. The Athenians chose goddess Athena’s gift and that’s the reason why the city was named after her name. You can still see goddess Athena’s “olive tree” on top of the Acropolis. Visit the Acropolis with a licensed and highly qualified guide and enjoy the amazing Acropolis tour.

athenas olive tree

The olive tree in the Acropolis

Olive tree lives very long around 500 to 600 years. If you visit Chania, Crete you can still see the oldest olive tree, which is estimated to be more than 2.500 years old. Greece is the third oil – producing country after Spain and Italy. There are around 130.000.000 olives trees in Greece.

oldest olive tree

The oldest olive tree is in Ano Vouves, Kolymvari, Chania, Crete

Kalamata and Crete are very famous for the high quality olive oil and olives. The tasteful “Kalamon olives” are well – known in the four corners of the world. The harvest season starts in November and ends around March. Olive tree blossoms in May and is becoming full of tiny, yellowish flowers without any aroma. The countryside is celebrating every year the harvest activities, as people come closer to nature.


Olive tree blossoms

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Athens Food Tour – Olive oil sampling

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Picture of the film showing the activities during the harvest season


Picture of the film showing the activities during the harvest season

The short film was produced by Indigo View for GAEA, olive oil company. 

Short Film Credits
 Theo Papadoulakis
Screenplay: Panagiotis Papoutsakis
DoP: Kostas Nikolopoulos
Production Manager: Dimitris Xenakis
Sound Design: Anastasis Efentakis
Casting Director: Archontissa Kokotsaki
Wardrobe: Xanthi Kontou
Art Director: Douglas Foote
Editor: Allan Michael
Cast: Dimitris Mpoumpouralakis, Despina Tsafaraki, Giorgos Kiminoulakis, Konstantina Koskina, Artemis Skouloudi, Manolis Poulis, Vagelis Vasilakis, Katerina Vasilaki, Giorgos Stentoumis, Nasos Stentoumis, Giorgos Vlachakis, Ivan, Giorgos Galanos, Pantelis Iliakakis, Vaso Psarianou.


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