The new “TfA Tickets” app

Revolutionise your journey by using the new “TfA Tickets” application for public transport in Athens! Without queuing in the line or at the ticket machines, you can now book your “Transport for Athens” ticket, wherever you are. Use this app in an easy way and book your ticket online on your smart phone or tablet. The main transit system in Athens consists of: city buses, electric trolley buses, Athens Metro, Athens Tram and Athens Suburban Railway.


‘TfA tickets’ application menu

Your smartphone becomes your active ticket by following this simple process: sign up (it’s optional), choose your ticket, enter your card details and securely purchase. Since you have created an account, your future transactions will just need your login and CVV (Card Verification Value). The application system is being supported by Visa or MasterCard and you can use either debit or credit card to buy tickets. After you have successfully completed the process, you can simply activate your electronic ticket only 2 minutes before boarding. Keep in mind that for the ticket activation you don’t need to have connection to the internet. Below on the image you can see the types of available tickets and the time that they are valid for.

TfA images

Available types of tickets you can purchase

This app helps you to save time and get exactly, where you need to be in the city. Whether you are commuting or visiting the city, “TfA Tickets” app will be really useful for you. If you are a tourist in Athens, the suggested option for you is the 24 hour or the 5 day ticket, depending on how many days you will stay in the city. Please notify that Airport Bus and Airport Metro Ticket are charged extra.  It’s absolutely free to download the app and has been designed for iOS and android mobile operating systems and tablets. Find this useful app in English or Greek language on AppStore or GooglePlay.


Mobile screen when ticket is active

Check out our “Athens by metro & tram” or “Athens map” and get ready to explore the city. Inside both issues you will find a detailed “Attica Map” and all the info for the metro and major metro stations as well as tram and suburban railway lines that are connecting the city.


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