Meteora and New Meteora Museum

Meteora and the surrounding area is one of the most impressive, beautiful and most visited sites in Greece!

The breathtaking Meteora Rocks! Incredible view from the top of the extraordinary Meteora Rocks

Meteora is a large complex of Greek Orthodox Monasteries built on huge sandstone rock pillars which raise to the sky in the middle of the plain of Thessaly. It seems that the monks who built the monasteries and spent their lives there wanted to be closer to God.

The word Meteora means “swinging in the air”. A visit there offers a breathtaking view that captures the eye of the visitor or the pilgrim and also a fascinating trip to the Greek Orthodox  church painting and architecture. Beautiful frescos and icons will impress you!

Monk living in one of the beautiful Monasteries in Meteora The hanging Monasteries of Meteora!

On top of the rocks there are altogether 24 monasteries but only 6 of them can be visited and are accessible by car.

Pilgrims and travelers who love the nature all over the world are visiting this World Heritage Site to admire the beauty of the place and also the faith and dedication of the monks who choose the ascetic way of life in order to come closer to God.

Magical sunset tour to Meteora On an exciting hiking tour to Meteora

Meteora is 4 hours away from Athens and you can enjoy a 2 day Tour organized by the “Athens Walking Tours” which will give you the chance to explore the area accompanied by professional guides. You may also join our Meteora Half Day Tour or the Meteora Sunset Tour if you are already there and you want an “off the beaten track” travelling experience.

On top of the breathtaking Meteora rocks

At Meteora, particularly in the city of Kalambaka, recently opened  its doors to public an amazing Natural History & Mushroom  Museum  which gives the visitor the chance to get acquainted with the flora and the fauna of the area.

Outside the Natural History & Mushroom Museum in Kalambaka

In fact, it is about two museums housed in an area of 1100 sq.m. The Natural History section where more than 350 species of birds and mammals are exposed and the Mushroom section in which there are about 250 different species. The collection of animals is of excellent quality while the mushrooms are sculptures in full color and size similar to natural, presented in three development phases,  so their cycle of life is  understood.  They are sculptured one by one in hand by excellent local sculptors.

Inside the Natural History & Mushroom Museum in Kalambaka

But what makes the museum outstanding is not only the quality of the exhibits but also  the way of their presentation which is unique.

Animals and mushrooms are presented in a natural living environment (e.g. forest, wetlands, alpine zone, etc.) in dioramas, which are simulation conditions of living and fruiting. This gives an excellent aesthetic result that excites younger and older visitors and it is daily reflected in the guestbook of the museum.

Animals and mushrooms presented in a natural living environment inside the Mushrooms Museum Inside the Mushrooms Museum

Inside the Museum a nice cafè is available where guests can relax and enjoy a snack a coffee or a drink while admiring the breathtaking view of Meteora rocks.

There is also a souvenir shop where visitors can find souvenirs and a big variety of wild and cultivated mushroom products.

The Museum is open to the public from Monday to Friday: 09.00-17.00, Saturday and Sunday: 10.00-18.00.

The general admission is 5€. There are discounts for bigger parties, seniors and students.

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