How to use a Taxi in Athens

Like in all capitals of the world, there are plenty of taxis cruising the Athenian streets. However, it is important to be aware of a few things before one boards a taxi:

  • All Athenian Taxis are yellow and carry the distinctive Taxi sign on top of them. You may also see the word written in Greek (TΑΞΙ).

Taxi in Athens

  • There are two categories of Taxi drivers: The “modernized” (most of them speak some or very good English, have a GPS installed and some of them even offer WIFI) and the “old fashioned” (speak some -up to no- English, and know the Athenian streets by heart). There is a high possibility that you will meet the first kind, if you order a taxi in advance through one of the numerous taxi companies. The second kind, you will most probably take from the street by raising your hand, or, if you go to one of the taxi parking spaces (marked with the special sign) which are to be found at major points in Athens, as well as at the ports and airport.
  • Unless you book your transfer with Athens Walking Tours, which handpicks all drivers and vehicles (we only use Mercedes taxis, air-conditioned, no smoking) none of the above categories can guarantee the kind of person you will have behind the wheel or the quality of vehicle you will be using.
  • All taxis are bound by law to follow safety regulations of the European standards.
  • All legal taxis are equipped with a meter, which should start running right after boarding. The “flag fall”, i.e., the fixed start fee is at the moment 1.19Euro.
  • The cost of a taxi ride is not negotiable: Do not bargain in advance or during the ride. What is valid, is only the price shown on the meter.

Athenian taxi tariff

  • The tariff used for the, within Athens and Piraeus, rides, is the single tariff (tariff 1), valid from 5am till Midnight and the charge is 0.68 Euro per kilometer.
  • Minimum charge for rides within Athens: 3,16 Euro
  • Additional charges that may occur, but should always be viewable at the taxi meter are:

– Double tariff (tariff 2) for rides outside the Athenian limits or night rides (Midnight to 5am) at 1,19 Euro per kilometer.
– Charge for airport pick up: 2,80 Euro (should include tolls)
– Charge for port pick up: 1,07 Euro
– Luggage charge: 0,40 per piece (10kg)
– Surcharge of 1 – 2 Euro will apply during the Christmas, New Year and Easter period.
– Call (appointment or simple call): 1.92 – 5.65 Euro (depends on the taxi company you will choose).
– Waiting time: 10.85 per hour

N.B. Athens Walking Tours has integrated and absorbed many of the above costs and offers a set price for the Athens Airport and Piraeus Port transfers. Also, our drivers will monitor your flight and, regardless if the flight is delayed or comes earlier than expected, our drivers will wait for you on time of arrival, inside the arrival hall area, to welcome you and take you safely to your destination. Same, at the port, should you inform us on time of a delay due to any reason, our driver will wait for you at no extra cost.

  • Regardless how well an Athenian taxi driver speaks a language, please keep in mind that they do not possess the knowledge, nor the licence to guide you in Archaeological Sites or Museums. Often, some of them will try to convince you that they are guides. So, keep in mind that, when a taxi driver offers you a “sightseeing tour of Athens”, what he/she merely means, is that he/she will provide you with an orientation drive around the main streets of Athens and the names of some of the landmarks you will see along the way.
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