Greek Easter – Do it the Greek way! (Part 1)

If you are visiting Athens during Greek Orthodox Easter Week, consider yourself lucky! It’s an experience you will not regret, as long as you… do it the Greek way!

In the coming days you will be reading all about the 4 steps to be taken, in order to discover why all Greeks, all over the world, believe this is the best holiday season of the year!

The traditional Easter EggsSTEP 1:  Holy (Maundy) Thursday – The fun starts in the afternoon: Join the lovely Athens Cooking Lesson and Dinner where, among others, you will learn how to prepare and will actually prepare yourself, several Lenten tasting plates, such as “dolmadakia” and “kolokythokeftedes” but also, you will learn how to colour eggs  and you will also get the –very important – recipes for our traditional Easter cookies and “tsoureki” (tasty Greek brioche). Your cook instructor will surely share with you insights and stories about Greek Easter.

Traditional Easter "Tsoureki"

After you finish your lovely dinner, if you feel like walking, go to one or more of the nearby churches to see the decorating of the Epitaph, made with fresh, beautiful flowers. Some decorations are real masterpieces!

Find out more about Epitaph procession, and about when and how you’ll get to see as many of them as possible, by reading STEP 2 about Good Friday!

Impressive Epitaph decorations

Impressive Epitaph decorations

> Step 2

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