Learn about Athens through your stomach

Varvakeios Agora in Athens

I believe you can learn a lot about a place and its culture through food. I wanted to know the stories behind the popular round-shaped bread called koulouri and the Central Market, which I had found on my own explorations of Athens. So, I signed up for the Food Tour based on other reviews for the Athens Walking Tours.

I went solo and was joined by five other people who also wanted to taste the culinary delights of Athens. They purposely keep the group size small so you have a relaxed, intimate experience and don’t crowd the shops, stalls and restaurants. We were met by our guide, Angelo, outside the Panepistimiou metro station. He was energetic, friendly and extremely knowledgeable. Not only did we learn about the food we were sampling, but Angelo also gave us a background in the Greek Mediterranean diet (both traditional and modern) and historical tidbits about the Athens neighborhoods we visited. Our stops included a koulouri vendor, a traditional “home-cooking” restaurant that made delicious, light and fluffy donuts served with honey and nuts; an outstanding grocery store that carries high quality Greek products, such as olive oil, wine, fruit preserves, cheese and olives (we sampled many of them and then got to shop!); a traditional meat delicatessen, a herb shop, and a couple fast food cafes, one that served freshly made bougatsa and the other was a modern place specializing in soulvaki. The tour was everything I was hoping for! It was a great way to spend a few hours eating and exploring Athens. I learned things that are only possible with the insight of a local. I highly recommend this tour if you like to walk, eat, and experience new things.


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