Is Athens Safe?


Yes, Athens is safe!

Athens is one of the ten top safest cities in the world according to the international report

In Greece as in several European countries like Spain, Portugal, Ireland etc facing a financial crisis people protest for the austerity plan and the strict measures their government had to take.


In Athens “the indignant citizens” protest at Syntagma Square where they gather and talk and suggest solutions out of the crisis, mainly in the afternoons wanting to be taken into consideration when the government decides on critical issues on their behalf.

On June 29, 2011 there was a general strike in Greece and thousands of peaceful protesters flooded the Syntagma area. All of a sudden some couple of hundreds of anarchists came up, mixed up with the crowds and clashed with the police. This had as consequence the peaceful demonstration to end up violent and chaotic. Media choose to show the bad images again and again as probably this sells better .

Athens is back to normal life. The Syntagma Sqaure is the place to stroll around, see the changes of the guards or do your shopping. Two cruise ships the Celebrity Equinox and the Brilliance docked in Piraeus next day, June 30 and thousands of people visited Athens.


Yes, Athens Walking Tours are conducted daily!

We at the Athens Walking Tours conduct our tours daily as scheduled in 100% safety and without any risk or obstacle so ever. We invite you to walk with us and explore the History of the city which is the cradle of the European civilization.


Photo Copyrights Athens Walking Tours – All photos were taken on July 4th 2011


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