Lucky Hayley

Last summer Hayley, a physiotherapist living and working in London came to Greece and enjoyed a one week holiday on the island of Crete. While gazing at brochures on the Info Stand in the lobby of her hotel she noticed that there was a brochure with a Satisfaction Questionnaire with a contest which was being sponsored by City Contact and GBR Consulting. First prize was an all-expense paid four day trip for two persons to Athens which included round-trip airfare courtesy of Aegean Airlines, luxury hotel accommodation for two at the Athens Hilton and participation in one Athens Food Tour and one Acropolis, City Tour & Acropolis Museum Tour with the Athens Walking Tours. What did she have to lose by spending a few extra minutes filling out the Satisfaction Questionnaire?

As it turned out she had everything to gain. Lucky Haley’s form was picked out of all those entered and she and her companion enjoyed a lovely weekend in Athens earlier this month. It was her first time in Athens and she was thrilled. Below is a little note that she took the time out to write to us and I wanted to share it with you:
“I am Hayley, I usually live and work in London as a physiotherapist but I also have a passion for travelling and have recently visited South East Asia and Australasia.  Last year I went to Crete for a week to explore a childhood interest in mythology. I particularly enjoyed Knossos and the Heraklion museum as well as of course the weather and food.  For the same reason I have also always wanted to visit Athens but as yet I have never been to the Greek mainland so I am extremely excited to have won this trip”!

The same Questionnare From can be found to many hotels again this year. So if you are visiting Athens, Rhodes or Crete don’t forget to check out the Info Stand which is located in the lobby of your hotel. You could be as lucky as Haley was and I could be writing about you next fall!

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