Free Internet Services

Free Wi-Fi to all passengers of Piraeus Port!


The Piraeus Port Authority has completed the installations of a state-of-the-art fiber optic network in the whole area of the harbor. To connect to the Internet it does not require any special configurations or devices. When the port passenger-user connects to the nearest access point and opens his browser, all he has to do is to enter the 5 digit number that gets in his window and automatically will enter to the free network.

Since the first Testing Phase, statistics claim that there is an average traffic of 285 connections per day, with a maximum number of 1208 connections (data collected on 17/06/2011) .
Free Wi- Fi Internet is an important quality service for Piraeus port passengers.

If you need more information on “how to get connected wireless” you can call to:

0030 210 4090620, or 0030 694 5232060.

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