About the Acropolis

  • By the Dionysus Theater entrance, there are many stores where you may get a snack or a coffee or a drink before you enter the Acropolis.
  • You are allowed to carry only water with you on the Acropolis 

We, at the Athens Walking Tours, do take care and purchase the tickets in advance for all our guests so, no lining up at all!

There are two entrances to the Acropolis: the west entrance is the main one, and the side entrance (known as Dionysus Theater entrance), which is located in the southeast.

If you use the main one, you should know that it is usually very crowded. You should be prepared to wait long in the line to enter the site.

We, at the Athens Walking Tours, use only the Dionysus Theater entrance for all the advantages it offers us:

  • Using the Dionysus Theater entrance you have the opportunity to see much more than the visitor using the main entrance. You will see the Dionysus Theater –the oldest and most important theater in Europe, the Thrasylus sponsor’s monument, the Eumenes Stoa, the Asclepius Sanctuary and many more sites and monuments.
  • The Dionysus Theater entrance is never as busy and crowded as the main one.

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