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Sustainability Policy

In 2022, City Contact/Athens Walking Tours embarked on a journey towards sustainability by participating in the SUSTOUR program, which aims to promote sustainability among European tour operators through a business-led approach. With the support of SUSTOUR, we joined the Travelife program, benefiting from training and coaching to work towards obtaining the Travelife Certified award by the end of 2023.

Extensive market research in the travel industry indicates a growing trend among travelers to prioritize planet-first options and seek out sustainable choices for more purposeful travel. With the climate crisis reaching critical levels and global awareness on the rise, people are increasingly inclined to travel thoughtfully, responsibly, and with intention. Today, most travelers consider sustainability best practices when planning their next trips.

During our certification process, we discovered that sustainable travel means much more to travelers than simply recycling and reducing waste. They have developed a deep appreciation for the local communities, environment, biodiversity, energy reduction methods, and carbon footprint reduction, among other factors. Travelers are actively seeking ways to become more responsible in their journey. As a travel provider, we recognize this opportunity to reshape our company policy and adapt our offline and online processes to meet the new sustainability requirements for our local partners and suppliers. Our goal is to facilitate sustainable choices for our clients and make it easier for them to travel responsibly.

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