Cooking Lesson questions

Kindly note that it is not possible to have the experience of the Cooking Class in any other form but only as a participant of it. The dinner that follows is also for the participants only. If you feel ready to enhance your cooking skills by preparing a real Greek feast and enjoying delicious food after it, join us! We will be glad to host you!


You don’t need to wear anything special for the Cooking Class. We suggest comfortable clothes and shoes. Aprons and all the necessary utensils will be provided by us for the cooking lesson. 


You certainly do! At the end of your cooking lesson you will eat what you have prepared. So don’t blame the chef if you don’t like the food….


Our cooking lesson is a combination of hands-on and demonstration. The participants prepare the whole menu, a real Greek feast, on their own under the constant guidance of their experienced instructor. During the demonstration your Cooking instructor explains all the steps very clearly. After the lesson you get a printed copy of the recipes prepared in order to be able to recreate them for your beloved ones when you will be back at home.  

This cooking lesson is addressed to amateurs cooks, no previous experience is needed. 


Our Athens Food Tour includes 8 tasting locations, with 20-25 tastings in total. The tour will give you a taste of the best and most authentic culinary treats of the Greek cuisine. At the end of the tour a whole souvlaki wrapped in pita bread with delicious tzatziki is waiting for you.  

Definitely you can as soon as we are aware of your diet restrictions and/or your allergies. We will make any effort to provide you with substitutions suitable for your diet whenever this is possible. It is very important though to know this in advance so we can tell you what you can or cannot eat or drink and protect you of course. 


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