Food tour questions

During our Food Tour you will visit deli shops, restaurants and the bustling Athens Central Market. Please note that you DO NOT HAVE to shop in any of the stores we visit. No purchase is required. But if you do like to buy something, you can do so during the tour and also at the end of the tour. You will be given a map with all the stores you visited so you can go back if you like.  


During our wonderful Food Tour you walk in a non touristy part of Athens where you will make many delicious stops. You will visit deli shops, restaurants and the bustling Athens Central Market. You will taste original Greek delicacies that will satisfy all your senses!


We recommend that you eat a light  breakfast before joining us for the tour. We sample food during this tour we don’t have a full meal served. 


You will taste typical Greek foods and beverages that will give you an insight on the Greek gastronomy. Olive-oil, rusks, yogurt, honey, olives, tzatziki, feta, different kinds of cheese, pies, souvlaki and many more. 


Our Athens Food Tour includes 8 tasting locations, with 20-25 tastings in total. The tour will give you a taste of the best and most authentic culinary treats of the Greek cuisine. At the end of the tour a whole souvlaki wrapped in pita bread with delicious tzatziki is waiting for you.  

Definitely you can as soon as we are aware of your diet restrictions and/or your allergies. We will make any effort to provide you with substitutions suitable for your diet whenever this is possible. It is very important though to know this in advance so we can tell you what you can or cannot eat or drink and protect you of course. 


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