The price you are giving me for the Private Tour is very expensive, why?

Our prices for the Small Group Tours (4,6,8 pax) are really good and affordable and the tours are conducted by knowledgeable, highly qualified and experienced guides. This is why our guests are very happy and satisfied with the tours and they consider them as a great value for money. We never have big groups of  40 or 50 people. 

Private tours are not expensive if you consider that you have the guide only for your party, you can make any question you like and of course follow your own pace.  For sure a private tour is not the first thing we suggest to our guests but it’s a special service. If someone asks for a private tour we do offer a price per person (the more the persons are the lower the price is). Of course there is a minimum price we can offer as a responsible Travel Agency and it covers the needs of the guest and of course the costs of the services provided. 


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