Who can attend your tours? Are there age restrictions?

About our historical tours

Our historical tours are suitable for all ages. Elderly people can attend our walking tours as we keep a moderate walking pace, make a lot of stops with seating opportunities and we always stop in the shade in summer. Our tours are not only child friendly but also highly recommended for them. All of our guides are specifically trained to provide our young clients with easy to understand information about the history of Athens.Your babies are also welcome but please do keep in mind that strollers are not allowed on the Acropolis it would be better to use a baby pouch instead.  

About our food tour 

Οur food is suitable for all ages too. Children are more than welcome in our culinary tours and they enjoy them a lot. The Athens Food tour is fun, entertaining with a lot of tasting and sampling of delicious Greek foods that children love. Elderly people can join them also since the walking is at a moderate pace, always in the shade in summer and we also stay a lot inside nice air conditioned stores where people can sit. 

Vegetarians or vegans can also be accommodated in our food tour as there is a huge variety of foods we taste that they are suitable for them also. 

About our cooking lessons 

Our Cooking Lesson is not suitable for children younger than 6 years old. Cooking utensils (such as knives and graters)  are used and parents should decide about whether their children are mature enough to use. Children of course should always be accompanied by adults.


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