How to Reach Athens from the International Airport


The easiest and quickest way

The Athens metro runs twice an hour with the first train departing from the Airport at  6:33 am and the last one at 23:33 pm.

The cost is 8 Euro per person one way. Seniors over the age of 65  as well as students up the age of 25 are entitled a reduced ticket upon showing their ID card or passport or their student card. Children under the age of 6 do not have to hold a ticket as they are entitled to travel for free.

Buy your ticket either at the Automatic Ticket machines located at every station where you can use Bank notes or change or at the cashier booths.

Validate your ticket at the ticket validating machines, before you reach the platforms to board your train and keep it to the end of your trip; Ticket inspections take place quite often and non holders of a valid ticket are obliged to pay 50 times the value of the ticket as a penalty.

The duration of your trip to Syntagma Metro station, which is the central station located in front of the House of Parliament is 40 minutes.


The cheapest way to come to Athens

They run every  15 minutes and  between midnight and dawn  every  half an hour

Bus stop is directly in front of the arrivals by gates 3 and 4

The ticket is  5  Euro and if used within 90 minutes after its validation you may use it for more transfers with other public transportation means.You purchase your ticket at the ticket booth by the bus stop and do not forget to validate it by boarding the bus.The ticket kiosk may open a few minutes before bus departure if it remains closed you may buy it from your driver.

It runs  every15-20 minutes,  ends at  Othonos street at Syntagma square which is very convenient if you need to travel to some other place within the city. Your hotel may be at Syntagma area as this is the area where most hotels are located and it is also very easy to catch a taxi from there to reach your further destination .You may also ask the driver to drop you on the way if you know the area your hotel is located.
Duration of the trip is 60-70 minutes 
If you want to go to the airport you may take the X95 bus from Othonos street.You buy your ticket either at a booth located by the bus stop or inside the Syntagma metro station one level down at the cashier booth. 

Tickets: The cost is 5 Euro per person one way.Seniors over the age of 65  as well as students up the age of 25 are entitled a reduced ticket upon showing their ID card or passport or their student card.Children under the age of 6 do not have to hold a ticket as they are entitled to travel for free.



The X96 Bus goes to Piraeus thus you may connect with your ferry if you are traveling to some of the Greek islands.

Duration of the trip is about an hour and a half

You are not the public transportation type? If all this is a nuisance for you and you want someone to be at the airport waiting for you, then we have the perfect service for you.


We offer private taxi transfers by Mercedes luxury vehicles at 52 Euro for the ride. A taxi takes maximum 4 people with four medium size pieces of luggage and the price 52 Euro is for the ride and not per person and includes all taxes and road tolls.
Athens Airport Taxi Transfer




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