Music in the Gardens of the Megaron

Celebrating the European Music Day today the Megaron Mousikis, is following a tradition of an open air concert at the gardens of the building that promises to put everyone present in a summer swing mood.

The event starts at 8 tonight and will go on well past midnight. The program includes:

  • Choral works by Javier Busto and┬áLajos B├írdos
  • Orchestral work by Greek composers Theodorakis, Chatzidakis, Xarhakos and Kapnisis
  • Jazz improvisations by the Ionian University Jazz Quintet
  • Swing by the Swing Shoes and Sugahspank

If you are visiting Athens today this is an experience not to be missed, as you will get to sample a part of the Athenian culture life at its best. The Megaron Musikis is at Vassilisis Sofias & Kokkali Street, very close to the American Embassy. There is a metro station (Megaron Mousikis) just outside it so getting there cant be simpler.

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