Petros Vrellis’ addition to Vincent Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’: A digital touch into classical art.

Interfering with classical art using modern technology is always quite a risk for the contemporary artist, as it does not always ends up into commendable results. However, that was not the issue for the Greek electrical engineer Petros Vrellis, a man dedicated to art,  who managed to transform Vincent Van Gogh’s ’Starry Night’ into a touchscreen interface, which even allows users to interact with the piece. An admirable piece of modern art that was manually set, as Vrellis did not compute the velocity field automatically, accompanied with music that changes through interaction, led the work of an unknown hobbyist into a triumph that was internationally acknowledged.

This tribute to Van Gogh’s imperialistic state of the night, treats the original painting with respect while impressively manages to achieve an expand of its interpretation. In a painting that static turns into motion into any viewer’s mind, the artist manages to transform everyone’s imagination into a real moving image that you may even interfere with, making you feel as part of Van Gogh’s view of the night.

Petros Vrellis’ work is a wonderful example of the way modern art revives inGreece, while other masterpieces designed by numerous artists are also hosted in several museums and galleries.Athens, whose monuments should not be missed, has to offer an extensive collection of art exhibits as well, with pieces that rate from the prehistorical to the modern times.

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