Celebrities at the Acropolis of Athens

Acropolis of Athens. The cradle of the Western Civilization. A significant monument of culture. It attracts millions of visitors each year of all nations, all casts, all social classes. Old people and kids, families and individuals, famous and unfamous people, they all come to pay their tribute to the birthplace of Democracy. Throughout the decades of the 20th century, many politicians, actors and celebrities of various kinds have left their footprint on the ground of the Acropolis of Athens. Let’s enjoy some pictures with famous people visiting the Parthenon Temple, the celebrity of the celebrities!

Political Personalities, pic: 14th June 1961, Athens, America's First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, the wife of President Kennedy, pictured at the Acropolis during a visit to Greece

First lady, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, pictured at the Acropolis during a visit to Athens, 1961

sophia loren in acrop

Sophia Loren in front of the Acropolis in 1954

melina merkouri

Melina Merkouri, Greek actress, singer & politician in front of the Parthenon Temple

Dimitrios Pandermalis (R), president of

Hilary Rodham Clinton visited the Museum of the Acropolis in 2011


American film star Marlon Brando visits the Parthenon

royal family of monaco

Prince Rainer III and Princess Grace of Monaco pictured in Athens, Greece, 1961

queen sofia in acropolis

Queen Sophia of Spain pictured in front of the Acropolis

federal president joachim Gauck

Federal President Joachim Gauck on a state visit to the Hellenic Republic and the Acropolis of Athens


Agatha Christie, English crime novelist, visits the Parthenon Temple in 1958

nikolska in acropolis

The Hungarian Nikolska, was pictured by Nelly, while dancing in front of the Parthenon in 1929

clinton in acropolis

Bill Clinton waves, while visiting the Acropolis, 2007


Jennifer Lopez poses on the top of the Acropolis

Putin in acropolis

President Putin on the Acropolis

elisabeth taylor mike todd

Elisabeth Taylor with her husband Mike Todd at the Parthenon

gary cooper in acropolis

Gary Cooper with his camera pictured on the Acropolis

gregory peck and veronique passani

Gregory Peck and Veronique Passani, while visiting the cradle of the Western Civilization

paul newman in acropolis

Paul Newman, the famous American actor and film director with Joan Woodward on the Acropolis of Athens

kirk douglas in acropolis

Kirk Douglas, while visiting the Parthenon

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