Athens Walking Tours
Terms and Conditions


1. The Company

The Limited Liability Company under the trade name “City Contact LTD” (henceforth referred to as City Contact), which has its registered offices in Athens (2, Heyden Str., 104 34) has created the website for customers who wish to perform their transactions electronically and benefit from the offers provided by the online transaction portal.

Athens Walking Tours (henceforth referred to as AWT) is a trade mark, registered by City Contact. 

2. Acceptance of the General Terms of Transactions

The use of the website and the services rendered by City Contact are governed by the following General Terms of Transactions (GTT) combined with (a) the Special Terms and Conditions of AWT and (b) the terms of Personal Data Protection that are on the same website and which comprise an inextricable part hereof. 

It should be noted that the GTT of City Contract are applied to all reservation orders made by customers through the aforementioned portal With each reservation or purchase of a product or of a service offered through , customers-users unreservedly accept the General and Special terms of participation in City Contact as mentioned above. 

3. Services – Scope of application of the GTT.

Athenswalkingtours provides an internet portal that offers tourist products and services. In particular, Athenswalkingtours offers the following services to its customers: 

1. Walking tours within the center of Athens, to archaeological sites, tourist attractions and museums. Customers may either select any of the daily tours or request a special (private) tour.  

2. Tours in areas outside Athens (Sounio, Delphi, Argolida): 

a.-by bus or taxi cab or minivan, accompanied by a tour guide

b.-by Bus or taxi cab or minivan with a local tour guide in each area

c.-with a local tour guide only in each area, with customers being responsible for their own transportation.   

3. Organization of a comprehensive tour for customers which includes:

a. transportation by minivan or bus or taxi cab

b. tours at archaeological sites and museums 

c. overnight accommodation at hotels

d. meals at restaurants

4. Walking tours in the center of Athens with food as a theme, during which customers will be able to taste different foods at the specialty shops visited.

5. Transportation by bus or taxi cab or minivan to and from the Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”, to the port of Piraeus and to any other destination in Athens. 

6. Traditional Greek cooking lessons. Customers will prepare various dishes which they will then have the opportunity to taste. 

7. One-day cruises to the Argo-Saronic Gulf islands. This service is offered by an agency, on behalf of which, City Contact concludes an agreement, collects the fee and notifies the agency about the reservation.

8. Lunch and dinner at restaurants in Athens for individual customers and groups.

It should be made clear that City Contract does not render the services offered itself; it mediates in the booking of these services (e.g. car hire, hotel reservations, ticket reservations, travel arrangements and other tourist services) which are offered by the organizers/providers of each tourist service as mentioned on the website.    

The purchase or booking of products or services through the website is possible subject to the availability of the specific product or service.

When a reservation is made, the contract concluded exclusively binds the customer and the provider of the specific product or service.

City Contact’s service exclusively consists of its mediation between the customer and the provider and its responsibility is limited only to the fulfillment of this service provision. City Contact does not make travel arrangements. The provider is solely and exclusively responsible for fulfilling the contracts concluded via City Contact. Customers should refer to the general terms of transactions of the organizers/service providers.

4. Booking

By completing the relative fields in the respective booking form on our website and after the booking process has completed, customers shall have given explicit instruction to City Contact to either render the services which it offers or to mediate in the provision of a travel service which is offered by a provider or of any other service which is related to traveling.

5. Confirmation of bookings, delivery of confirmation 

When a booking has been made through City Contact’s website, customers will receive a confirmation of the booking via electronic mail (email).

Users shall be obliged to IMMEDIATELY check the accuracy of the details of the confirmation (name, departure date, destination, etc) and to inform City Contact of any errors or discrepancies that there may be by comparison with the initial booking information entered by the customer. Errors and discrepancies which are reported after a period of 48 hours as of the receipt of the aforementioned confirmation of the specific booking in question will not be taken into consideration. It should be noted that any errors and discrepancies reported after the deadline will, in no case whatsoever, grant the right to withdraw from the contract.

6. Fee 

City Contact’s fee is referred to in detail for all types of services offered on its webpage at .

7. Method of payment

The method of payment is described in detail for each of the services offered on the webpage. 

Only the payment methods stated on the webpage shall be accepted. It should be noted that most types of credit cards are accepted. The customer’s credit card details shall be used in this case to secure the booking.  

City Contact may invite a customer to electronically send credentials proving residential address or a copy of the credit card.

8. Cancellations, changes

The Special Terms and Conditions of AWT provide for the possibility of changing or canceling an agreed product or service. In case of a need for a refund, please note that Athens Walking Tours does all refunds 4 weeks after the cancellation date. 3% commission is kept for credit card refunds if you cancel the tour. If the tour is canceled by us, no commission is kept.

9. Rejection of a booking

City Contact reserves the right to reject orders for a booking made by a customer if the latter has violated the terms of use of the website. 

10. Provisions pertaining to passports, visas, foreign exchange, and health regulations

Customers are obliged to comply with Greek legislation pertaining to passports, the issuance of visas, health regulations, etc.  Customers may contact City Contact to request any relevant information. 

11. Disclaimer

City Contact shall not be held liable to customers for information and details that are related to services and products offered by each provider. City Contact shall make all efforts possible to check the information published on its website for errors or inaccuracies. However, City Contact does not guarantee the adequacy, accuracy, completeness, or current validity of this information.

In addition, City Contact shall not be responsible for the non-availability of services or products offered on the booking date, nor for the execution of the contract signed with the provider. In no case whatsoever shall City Contact be responsible for actions, errors, omissions, warranties, breaches or denials of any provider, nor for any injury, death, destruction of property, or any other losses or compensation or pecuniary satisfaction and expenses that may arise for any reason that is related to the operation and use of the website and of the information, of products and services offered by any provider or from any unauthorized interventions by third parties in the products, services or information that are made available on this website. City Contact shall not be liable and shall not indemnify any person against strikes, force majeure, or any other reason that is not under its direct control. Furthermore, it shall not be held liable to pay compensation for any additional expense, omission, delay, change of route, or action or omission by any governmental authority.

City Contact makes all possible efforts to ensure the smooth operation of the website without guaranteeing the proper operation and suitability of the software or the products and services offered, or that it will function without interruption, or that it will be free of viruses or any other similar elements. The same applies to other information included on this website which is provided by third parties.

This website contains links to third-party websites. The information provided herein is subject to ongoing changes. City Contact or its associates shall reserve the right to modify the website at any given time.

12. User (customer) responsibility

The use of this website must be made exclusively for lawful purposes and in a lawful manner so that its use by third parties is not restricted or prevented. Customers shall be obliged to use the website in accordance with the law, the principles and the current terms herein and they shall not perform actions or omissions that may harm or cause the website’s malfunction, nor affect or endanger the provision of City Contact’s services. 

By using this website, customers guarantee that they are at least 18 years of age and that they comply with the lawful conditions for use of this website. Customers shall be obliged to supervise and undertake the responsibility for use of this website by underage persons in their name or on their (the customer’s) behalf. In addition, they shall guarantee the accuracy and completeness of all information and details pertaining to the person or to members of their families, which are disclosed within the scope of this website’s use.

Any booking made for profit-seeking, deceptive purposes, or with intent to defraud or made with the aim of increasing demand is prohibited. The booking of products or services through this website is permitted only for lawful bookings and purchases made in the name of the customer or with respect to other persons, in the name of and on whose behalf the customer is entitled to act. Customers agree that any abuse of the services of City Contact’s website may lead the specific customer to be banned from accessing the services of the website.

13. Copyright, trademarks

Copyright and any other protected rights pertaining to this website are held by City Contact. The content of this website is exclusively owned by City Contact, except where third-party ownership is explicitly stated. The name “City Contact”, including all its trademarks, logotypes, and any graphic designs depicted on the website are owned by City Contact or by third parties.

It is prohibited to copy, distribute, transfer, alter, resell, create derivative works, or mislead the public regarding the actual provider of the website content. Any reproduction, re-issue, uploading, announcement, diffusion, or transmission and any other use of the content in any manner whatsoever and with any means whatsoever for commercial or other purposes is permitted only upon City Contact’s prior consent or upon agreement with any other holder of intellectual property rights. 

14. Applicable Law

Greek law exclusively governs the relations between customers of this website and City Contact, with the exception of regulations of private international law.

The courts of Athens shall be competent to settle any differences that may arise between the counterparties.

15. Amendment to the General Terms of Transaction

City Contact reserves the right to amend and/or renew the aforementioned terms of transaction regarding the use of this website at any given time with a future effective date without obligation to inform customers accordingly. The general terms of the transaction shall appear on the website as in force at that given time. Subsequent use of the website following an amendment to the general terms of use constitutes acceptance by the customer of the respective amendment.

The validity of the aforementioned terms may not be limited by any possible contradictory terms of the transaction on the part of the customer. Amendments and additions of these terms shall be valid only when they have been agreed upon by a legal representative of City Contact. Amendments and additions to these terms, including additional agreements, shall be made in writing. Delivery via fax or e-mail is equivalent to the relationship between counterparties defined by means of a written document. 


Programs offered by AWT

All details of regular walking tours, private tours, food tours & cooking lessons offered by AWT are described on the website  .

AWT programs require the participation of 8 persons minimum. This number may vary in certain programs. You may see the minimum number of participants per program, in detail, on our website.  AWT reserves the right to cancel a program at any given time, up to 24 hours before the tour commences and for any reason whatsoever, including cases where the number of participants is insufficient for the program to take place. In the unlikely event that a program is canceled by AWT, participants will receive a full refund of their payment or they will be entitled to reschedule the program on another date.  In this case, AWT shall not be held liable for any expenses, including airline ticket costs or other personal expenses incurred by customers.

With regard to all programs (tours and cooking lessons) AWT reserves the right to change the routes, if the route is disrupted or if the realization of the program is prevented by unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of AWT, such as, for example, road closures in the center of Athens.

Payment of fees 

The program fees, as they are described per program and which include all expenses and fees of City Contact, shall be paid in advance and they shall be binding. By law, value-added tax must be levied on the fee. If programs are paid for in advance over the Internet, customers will not incur any further charges. AWT shall reserve the right to change the fee for any of its services at any given time. In the event that the fee is reduced, customers will not be entitled to a refund of any difference that may arise.

Customers may pay for all programs via credit card by purchasing a ticket through the website or in cash on the day on which the agreed program takes place. In all cases, the fee per program does not include any customer travel costs or admission fees, or any other cost for services that are not expressly stated herein, but which are necessary to carry out the program.


• Guided walking tours take place on a daily basis and are not subject to changes due to weather conditions, as Athens is sunny almost all year round

• Our programs do not take place on official holidays (December 25 & 26, New Year’s Day, Good Friday until 12:00 hrs, Easter Sunday, May 1, October 28 and March 25 – National Holidays).

• In the event that a customer has canceled a regular tour or food tour in writing, the following penalty clauses shall hereby be agreed upon:

Refund policy for cancellations & amendments of all bookings :

Small-Group Tours

  • 100% refund if you cancel your reservation in writing, at least 24 hours before the tour's start time. 
  • If you cancel within 24 hours of the start time or fail to show up, you will not be eligible for a refund.
  • Within 24 hours it is not possible to modify the date and/or the hour of the reservation or make any change to the number of participants or make any other amendments due to limited availability.

Private Tours

  • 100% refund if you cancel a reservation, in writing more than 72 hours prior to the start time of the tour.
  • If you cancel within 72 hours of the start time or fail to show up, you will not be eligible for a refund.
  • Within 72 hours it is not possible to modify the date and/or the hour of the reservation or make any change to the number of participants due to limited availability.

Shore excursion Tours

  • 100% refund if you cancel your reservation in writing, at least 48 hours before the tour's start time. 
  • If you cancel within 48 hours of the start time or fail to show up, you will not be eligible for a refund.
  • Within 48 hours it is not possible to modify the date and/or the hour of the reservation or make any change to the number of participants due to limited availability.

One Day Cruise

  • 100% refund if you cancel your reservation up to 12 hours prior to the start time of the tour.
  • If you cancel a reservation less than 12 hours prior to the start time of the tour or if you are a no show, then you are not entitled to a refund.

Catamaran Cruises (private or semi-private)

100% refund if you cancel your reservation up to 5 days prior to sailing day

70% refund if you cancel your reservation 5 to 3 days prior to sailing day

If you cancel a reservation 3 days to day of sailing or if you are a no show, then you are not entitled to a refund.

Βus Tours (Cape Sounion, Argolis, Delphi)

100% refund if you cancel your reservation up to 24 hours prior to the start time of the tour.

If you cancel a reservation less than 24 hours prior to the start time of the tour or if you are a no show, then you are not entitled to a refund.

Meteora Tours

100% refund if you cancel your reservation up to 24 hours prior to the start time of the tour.

If you cancel a reservation less than 24 hours prior to the start time of the tour or if you are a no show, then you are not entitled to a refund.

We reserve the right to change these booking conditions at any time prior to you making a booking.

Cancellation Due To Planes, Trains Or Automobile

  • As stated above, we do not refund clients within 24 hours of a tour, and this includes customers who are late due to flight or train cancellations, delays or issues caused by traffic or congestion, etc. In such instances, a refund can only be requested and considered if supported by valid evidence and official documentation, along with updates from relevant authorities. However, it's important to note that the final decision regarding refunds for entrance tickets is solely determined by the Greek State.
  • If you are concerned about the possibility of cancellation or nonrefundable costs, we recommend the purchase of travel insurance.

We reserve the right to change these booking conditions at any time prior to you making a booking. 

If, unexpectedly, on the date of the tour, unforeseen events make the completion of the program impossible (e.g. strikes of employees at archaeological sites), AWT shall consult with the customers and do everything possible to offer an alternative solution. If an alternative solution is not found or agreed upon, then either AWT or the customer may cancel the tour. In the event that a tour is canceled for any of the above reasons, AWT shall refund the full amount paid by the customer for the tour and 50% of the amount payable for the cancellation of any means of transportation, if such has been reserved for the tour.

Refunds take place 4 weeks after the cancellation date. 3% commission is kept for credit card refunds if you cancel the tour. If the tour is canceled by us, no commission is kept.


It should be noted that arrangements for access or overnight accommodation, transportation, restaurants and other places in Greece may differ from those that exist in the rest of Europe or the U.S.A. Many hotels are small or refurbished old buildings and there may not be an elevator. Streets may present difficulties during walking tours. Access for persons with special needs is not guaranteed.  Public areas may not be accessible to persons with special needs. Participation in walking tours requires a minimum physical condition, such that you are in the position to walk uphill or climb stairs. Kindly inform us if you have a medical or physical limitation or are undergoing medical treatment. 

Although AWT will always make every effort to ensure safe completion of walking tours and to provide its customers with a pleasant excursion, it will not be liable for the personal safety of participants, or for the safety of personal items, nor for unforeseen events and incidents that City Contact cannot control, prevent or avoid, including (but not limited to) accidents, thefts, and illnesses during the walking tour. Each participant shall be fully responsible for his/her personal health, medical needs, and safety.

We advise you to check your insurance contract in order to determine whether you are covered and to clarify what your travel insurance covers in the case of trips abroad. 

The payment of the fee means that you unreservedly agree that you are healthy enough to be able to participate in AWT programs and that you have informed AWT of any special medical, physical or nutritional requirements that might affect your participation in the programs as announced by AWT. You should be aware that medical care and service facilities abroad may be different from those you are accustomed to and that they may be inadequate for your treatment. Please ensure that you have taken all the necessary medication you may require with you when traveling abroad. AWT is not in the position to guarantee the availability of special accommodation or appropriate access for persons with special needs within our programs. Please contact us to discuss any circumstances which might affect your trip or that of other participants in the program.

AWT reserves the right to refuse participation to any person whose health may prevent or disrupt any of the programs, at its absolute discretion.

Dietary Restrictions and allergies 

Please contact us to discuss any allergies, dietary requirements, or restrictions you may have. Given the nature of the programs, we are not in the position to guarantee that all nutritional requirements will be met; however, we will make every effort to meet your needs. AWT should be informed of any nutritional allergies or any dietary restrictions you may have before the commencement of the program.

Participant Release of Liability 

We would like to emphasize that we hereby presume that you unreservedly accept that AWT is not owned or managed by any persons who have any relations whatsoever with the facilities of suppliers, accommodations, or the services you have chosen. Each individual participant hereby agrees that AWT and its representatives shall not be held responsible for any injury, damage, loss, accident, delay or irregularity whatsoever, due to default by hotels, carriers, restaurants, or other contracted services that AWT secures for participants.  

It is also emphasized that we presume that you unreservedly accept that AWT provides the opportunity to participate in cooking activities or provides the option to make use of means of transportation and that these activities carry inherent dangers. Your participation itself in these activities, as organized by AWT or by its employees, associates, or suppliers, shall mean that you agree to the following:

 1) Your participation in cooking programs carries risks and may cause accidents, either to yourself or by third parties.

2) Specifically, risks and accidents may result from actions and/or negligence on the part of AWT or of any of its employees, associates, or suppliers. These risks and accidents may also be caused by actions and/or negligence on the part of participants in the program.

You shall be responsible for adherence to the rules and the laws of the areas you are visiting. The rights and privacy of the rest of the participants in the program in which you are taking part shall be respected by all. AWT reserves the right to refuse the participation of a certain person, before or even during the program, if it is deemed that such participation may pose a risk to the safety and comfort of the other participants.

You agree to grant AWT global, royalty-free, and full license to use your photographs, video clips, or digital pictures in the advertisement of its programs and/or for commercial purposes.

By reserving a place in any of these programs, you shall have automatically accepted the terms mentioned herein, confirm that you have fully understood them, and have agreed to all of them.



Valid for the specific period, each tour is operated. All prices are subject to modification without previous notice. Prices quoted include entrance fees for visits to museums and archaeological sites (as specified in itineraries) and taxes. 

NOT INCLUDED: All personal expenses (laundry, telephone, etc.) cost of drinks, mineral waters, after-meal coffee and tea, tips, visa costs, sightseeing, and services other than those mentioned in our itineraries. If in doubt whether something is included in the price of the tour, please inquire.

Children Reductions

a) On tours 

- Athens by Night

- Half-Day Tour of Cape Sounion and the Temple of Poseidon

- Ancient Corinth

- One Day Argolis Tour (Mycenae – Epidaurus)

- Full day tour to Delphi

children under 4 years participate free of charge. Children 4 to 12 years pay half of the rate.

b) On tours

- Two Days Argolis Tour (Mycenae – Epidaurus)

- Three Days Delphi & Meteora 

(only in 1st class hotels accommodation) children under 12 years participate free of charge provided they share the same room i.e. triple room with two full paying adults (one child only per 2 adults.) Since family rooms of more than 3 beds are not available, in the event of 2 children under 12 years travelling with 2 adults, a second twin bedded room is compulsory and will be charged at the rate of 1 full paying adult

C) Reductions are not cumulative, hence participants are permitted one reduction per tour.

Hotel Accommodation 

During our tours, we make every effort to use first or tourist-class hotels, as classified by the Greek Government. All the hotels used on our tours have private facilities. It is understood that prices indicated for each tour are per person, sharing a twin room. There is a supplement for sole occupancy of a room if such room is available. The per-person cost in a triple room is the same as in a double.


As specified in each tour. It is understood that Half board means continental breakfast and one main meal daily (usually dinner) and full board means continental breakfast and both lunch and dinner. Where specifically indicated, B stands for continental breakfast, L for lunch, and D for dinner.


As specified in each tour, including porterage of 2 medium-sized suitcases per person.


All our tours are guided by professional guides licensed by the respective governments of countries visited. Every tour might be guided in more than one language. In the case of a force majeure (strikes, etc.) we reserve the right to use tour conductors instead of guides or to distribute literature describing places visited on our tours.


For land tours, a per person fee representing 30% of the value of the tour (but no less than ~30.00€) will be charged if cancellation is received 30 days or less prior to departure. For air tours and cruises, in addition to the above-mentioned fees passengers are liable for all cancellation fees charged by the specific airline/cruise line used. In all cases, tours canceled 72 hours prior to departure will incur full cancellation fees. Please inquire. The carrier reserves the right to cancel any tour at any time under the condition that fares paid will be returned to passengers that have paid said fares. In such a case, every effort will be made to assist the passenger with alternative arrangements.


As specifically mentioned in each tour. In case of a force majeure and/or reasons beyond our control and events that occur after the tour departure, we reserve the right to modify the routing and alter the itineraries.


Is at the risk of every individual passenger. The carrier and its agents cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to luggage while on our motor coaches or while loading and unloading. We strongly recommend that passengers arrange for baggage insurance individually.

Lost Items

Small articles, coats, wraps, umbrellas, cameras, handbags and any other items that are carried on a motorcoach are entirely under the care of the passenger who is cautioned of the risk attached to these being left in conveyances. Every effort will be made to retrieve lost or forgotten items; however, The carrier / and its agents, in no way can be held responsible if such items are not retrieved.


The travel agency responsible for these tours acts as agent for the owners or contractors providing means of transportation or other services, and all terms and conditions under which means of transportation or other services are offered or provided, and the issuance and acceptance of such tickets shall be deemed to be consent to the further condition that the travel agency and its agents (in Greece and abroad shall not be or become liable or responsible in any way in connection with such means of transportation or other services for any loss, injury or damage to or in respect of any person or property howsoever caused or arising or to be otherwise responsible for any damages for any other cause whatsoever.


In Athens pick-up service is operated from most centrally located hotels. Participants must advise us of their desire to be picked up from their respective hotels either at the time of booking or at least 24 hours in advance of tour departure. Luggage: It is strongly recommended that participants take with them only one suitcase. All hotels in the Athens area have facilities for safekeeping extra pieces of luggage for their clients. 

Insurance: Our passengers are covered against injuries while on our motor coaches only. For baggage, as well as any other form of insurance please arrange individually (ask your travel agent). 

Clothing: Clothing during the tour is casual. 

Admission to Monasteries and Churches visited on our tours is not allowed to gentlemen wearing shorts and ladies wearing trousers, shorts, short skirts, or blouses not covering the shoulders. 

Extension of Stay: Passengers may extend their stay in the majority of places visited on our tours provided that we have been notified in advance. On motorcoach and air tours, passengers only need to pay for their additional hotel accommodation.



The Carrier retains the liberty and without previous notice

 To cancel the contract refunding only the money to the passenger

 To cancel, change or alter any sailing

 To substitute the cruise ship by any other vessel

 To change or modify the itinerary

The ship’s schedule must be strictly adhered to. In the event of the Passenger missing the ship at any of the ports of call listed in the cruise’s itinerary, the Carrier shall in no event be liable for such a mishap nor is expected to provide for alternative transportation.

Neither the Carrier nor the Ship shall be liable for any loss of life, or personal injury which may be suffered whenever such events take place before the Passenger has embarked on board or while is ashore at an intermediate port, or after disembarkation at the final destination port. For such events, taking place on board the ship, the Carrier shall be responsible only if the interested party will be able to prove that the particular event, was caused by gross negligence of the Carrier, or his servants. 

The Passenger is allowed to carry on board as luggage, only such personal effects which usually and reasonably are carried on board for voyages of this kind. Birds, dogs or any other pets or animals, cannot be carried along and will not be permitted onboard. Passengers carrying dangerous, inflammable, and contraband items or explosives will be reported immediately to the proper Public Authority and in any case, the passenger who will disregard this warning shall be compelled to reimburse the Carrier for whatever damage, expenses or sacrifices will result therefrom. Documents, manuscripts, jewelry, money or other valuables of any kind shall not be included in the luggage and if they are, no liability whatsoever is assumed by the Carrier. Passengers who are carrying such valuables are to surrender them at their own risk, if so they wish, to the Ship’s Purser, in a sealed off package, to be placed, for safekeeping, in the Ship’s safe receiving a proper receipt, therefore. The Passenger, on request, will receive back the same sealed off package, by presenting his receipt. The Carrier is in no event, liable for any loss, damage of delay in the redelivery of the said packages. 

The passage contract is subject to the Greek law. Any dispute on its execution is reserved to the exclusive jurisdiction on the courts of Greece. It should be clearly understood that the owing company of the CRUISE SHIPS does not undertake any responsibility of liability whatsoever for the organization or operation, etc. of such excursions which may include lunch or dinner ashore, participation in sport events, visits to theaters, cinemas, lectures, etc. and will not be liable in any case for illness, injury, death, loss, robbery, their or any other mishap nor for the lack of organization or delay, etc. which might occur during the excursion. Passengers participating in such excursions do so at their own risk and any complaint, which they might have, should be addressed to local persons who are providing the specific excursion service. The Passengers undertake the responsibility to indemnify the owning company of the CRUISE SHIPS for any damages which the owner or his representatives might sustain, arising from the excursion arrangements, made on his behalf and for the damages the excursion operator might sustain from the passenger. 

Safety Regulations 

The safety management procedures are certified by the Hellenic Maritime Authorities which comply fully with the requirements of the international ISM (International Shipping Management) code.

Further, following Hellenic Coast Guard regulations all officers, crew and personnel are trained and regularly tested in proficiency in following emergency procedures in case of fire, recovery at sea, evacuation procedures, disaster at sea, etc.

Following the cruise departure there are announcements advising passengers to acquaint themselves with the ship’s safety procedures as well as where to find more information. There are displayed safety instructions and procedures at key points of each vessel.

For additional information, Passengers can contact the ship's Reception Desk or the Ship’s Purser.

Passenger’s Responsibility

Passengers must follow the shipping company’s security regulations and the ship’s captain’s rules concerning order and safety on board the ship. The rules are displayed in the terminals and onboard the ships.

The shipping company and its representatives reserve the right to refuse passage to passengers who might pose a threat to the safety of other passengers, themselves, or the ship.

The ship’s personnel have the right to refuse passage to persons who are under the influence of alcohol or narcotics, who display disturbing or threatening behavior, or who do not otherwise comply with the aforementioned rules concerning age, security or other regulations.

Lost and Found

Items found on the ships are sent to the company headquarters in Athens

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